What is an Urban Hobbit?

An Urban Hobbit is basically a modern day person who, like Hobbits in JRR Tolkien’s novels, are short (“halflings”) and round (in women, this is defined as curvy). Personality-wise they are pleasent and curious and, like Pippin and Merry, are tenacious! Hobbits enjoy a good time; a warm fire, good reading, good conversation, definately a good drink and a party! Living in the conviences of the modern day, you can find people who label themselves hobbits anywhere on this planet that has a good library (i.e. well-stocked in Tolkien literature) or access to Peter Jackson’s film adaptions.

Urban hobbits are citizens, not of mythical Shire, but of our global community. We can be found in Paris, Moscow, New York, Sydney, and Cairo. Being global, we Urban Hobbits can be found in all tpes of environments – from cities to forests & plains, from  mountains to deserts to tropical islands. There are gamer hobbits and tree-hugger hobbits, political hobbits and twerking hobbits. Cougars and Golden girls and GenXers!


Let me introduce myself:

I go by Ariel in many circles  – mainly poetry & writing ones but that is also the name that most of the nightlife in Salem, Oregon knows me as. At 4’9″,  I claim to be a elven-raised hobbit – not quite agrarian, although I do love digging in the dirt and growing flowers. I own a home with a big lot in the hilly part of the city. I love adding a touch of whimsy to everyday life and believe things that are functional should also be beautiful as well. In fall, I wear velvet just as much as I wear blue jeans, I have a cape that I slide over my little black dresses and am absolutely mad for hats! I own like 19 fedoras,along with other haberdashery! I go to coffehouses in the evenings and listen to local musicians or go to the arcade bar and shoot zombies.  I write poetry and novels, paint and do community theater. I flirt! I make friends.

Anything else you want to know about me? Just ask.