Tech issues …

Sorry for the slow activity. I have not had reliable access to a camera. 

My own camera has decided not to take pix anymore; the shutter won’t work. I can click all I want but it just wont take a picture. Not sure why, troubleshooting hasnt revealed any answers yet. It IS 40 years old though.

And I keep losing my phone daily  do I cant even fall back on that… I could blame fairies. Im just so grateful when I find it by late night snack time. Perhaps Gollum keeps hiding it; he claims its “nasty” – but I think that’s because he doesnt like how his selfies turn out.

And life in December gets pretty overwhelming, kinda like a daily run into Mordor – the inner part where even rings are impossible to carry. 

Anywho, December drama done for eleven months and New Year starting. 

Let’s see if I can finally get that camera working. See you when I do …

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